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Friday, June 4, 2004

Peace and Goodwill

In the true spirit of the Olympic Games, Greece has steadfastly refused to officially allow foreign security services to sport weapons outside the designated secure zones. The Greek constitution prevents foreigners from bearing arms.

However, the reality will be somewhat different. The Greeks have admitted that whilst they will not condone the carrying of weapons, there is nothing they can do to prevent it; unless they want the US, UK and Israelis to walk out of the games.

The Greek government, of course, still officially denies that delegations will have their own security teams.

However, the Greek media have smelt a rat; and have reported that there is a secret agreement between the Greek government and the USA, to allow US armed security teams into Greece.

What price the peaceful fellowship of the Games?

In other news, there was a rumour circulating in the Greek press that Mr Souflias (the Public Works Minister) has been advising the Greek government to postpone the start of the games; from the planned opening date of the 13th of August.

Mr Souflias has strenuously denied this, saying that the report was a hoax.

So I can still book my trip then?

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