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Monday, September 6, 2004

Filthy Lucre

Those of you who thought that the $12BN expenditure by Greece, on the 2004 Olympic Games, was a "tad excessive" should take a deep breath.

It seems that China intends to spend a stonking $35BN, on the 2008 Games being hosted in Beijing, now that's what I call serious money!

The Chinese, it seems, intend to do "the full monty" and build; roads, subways and another airport.

The costs of the Games rise each time for a number of reasons:

  • The host country's ego in trying to outdo the previous Games

  • An increase in the number of events considered to be Olympic sports. I understand that the ancient, and noble, "sport" of darts is being considered for inclusion

  • Increased security costs

  • The costs of bribing, oops sorry, "bidding" for the Games

That being said, there are some rewards to be had; if the host country doesn't "cock it up". I understand, for example, that Athens earned $1.5Bn from the sale of the TV rights; together with another $1.2Bn from those health conscience companies Coke and McDonald's.

The motto of the Games is in fact:

"Mo Money!, Mo Money!, Mo Money!"

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