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Friday, October 8, 2004

What a Whopper!

The Athens Olympics are but a faded memory. However, the bills are now being tallied up.

The Greek government is "trying" to add up the costs, and has stated that it will "announce it shortly...all these unanswered questions will be answered...".

The public deficit has breached 5.3% of GDP; which is not at all good news, as it breaches the EU 3% ceiling.

Estimates vary as to what the final bill will be. However, it is likely to be around $12BN (the budget was just under $6BN).

The Greek government is also trying to work out what to do with the $3BN of Olympic buildings, constructed for the Games. These will cost $100M per year to maintain.

As Premier Costas Caramanlis says:

"The country is facing an acute financial problem that can no longer be hidden..."


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