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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Jones Sues

It is reported that U.S. sprinter, Marion Jones, has filed a defamation suit against Victor Conte. Conte has accused her of injecting drugs, to help win five medals at the Sydney Olympics.

Conte appeared on U.S. TV in December; saying that he watched Jones inject herself with substances from his company, BALCO, in the weeks leading up to the Sydney Olympics.

The lawsuit describes Conte's charges as:

False, malicious and misleading..”.

Jones is seeking $25M in damages from Conte.

Jones's lawyers issued a statement to the press; in it Jones alleges that Conte has a “vendetta” against her, “a long standing grudge” that’s the result of her refusal through the years to have anything to do with Conte, despite his “relentless quest to get to Jones.”

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