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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Suspect Pleads Guilty To Atlanta Bombing

It is reported that Eric Rudolph is to plead guilty to the 1996 bombing of the Atlanta Olympics.

By "copping a plea" he will save his miserable neck from the death penalty.

Rudolph who, by perverse chance, is an anti-abortion crusader was charged with carrying out a series of blasts in Georgia and Alabama in the late 1990s. A tad hypocritical of him to claim to be "pro life", yet still be so happy to kill and injure people.

The Olympic bombing killed one woman, and injured approximately 100 others. He then, allegedly, went on to set off bombs at a lesbian nightclub in Atlanta and at two abortion clinics in Alabama and Atlanta. The Alabama abortion clinic blast killed an off-duty police officer, and critically injured a nurse.

He managed to evade capture for five years, until he was seen foraging for food near a grocery store trash bin in Murphy, N.C.

The deal will mean that he will receive four life sentences.

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