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Thursday, July 21, 2005


It is amusing to see that that the leaders of the Turin Olympics are worried about the Italian tough anti drug laws.

It seems that doping offences, even in sport, would be treated as criminal.


It is high time the cheaters in the Olympics got a sharp shock.

Mario Pescante, the government supervisor for the Turin Olympics and an influential member of the IOC, is quoted as saying:

"I do not know what we are going to do about this, but I must find a solution,".

Pescante said that several options are being explored, including an exemption from Italian law for the period of the Olympics.


Let the law do its job; stop bleating, and imprison the drugs cheats.

Pescante went on to say:

"The problem is not the police in the Olympics. The power of the judiciary, that is the problem. We can't control the judge, we can't control Torino,".

That is a disgraceful attitude, why should the Olympics be above the law?

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