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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Price of Sponsorship

Those of you wishing to be in the top 10 sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics, will have to dig deep into your pockets.

The price tag for a top ten spot is a minimum of £50M per head.

Who ever said that the Olympics was just about sport?

Games organisers are hoping to sign up 10 high roller sponsors, by March, covering four sectors; automotive, banking, telecommunications and utilities.

It is hoped that UK commercial sponsorship will cover approximately 35% of organising committee's financial needs, estimated to be around £2BN.

The remaining requirements are to be covered by International Olympic Committee broadcasting and sponsorship revenues, ticket sales, merchandising and other commercial activities.

Sir Digby Jones, director-general of the CBI, took a side swipe at the EU and has asked the games organisers to buy British-made goods.


"I want every single medal that is hung around the necks of the world's athletes to be made in Britain. I want Britain to treat European Union procurement rules in the way that France would."

The "good old boys" in the unions needless to say rules out a no strike agreement. Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trade Union Congress, said:

"I don't think talking about a no-strike agreement is the right approach."

All rather akin to watching pigs, with their snouts in a trough!

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  1. How will the Lonympics go. It is interesting to see how Londinium copes with hosting the olympcs.