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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Olympics To Bring Prosperity

According to Tony Blair the London Olympics in 2012 will bring prosperity.

During the launching of a charity website yesterday, he said:

"Six years of wrangling, one year of blind panic, two weeks of glory and an endless period of repentance at leisure. Welcome to the Olympics. We are going to show that there is another story to be told."


"The Olympics can be a catalyst for the city which will be its host. It can inspire new infrastructure, school and hospital buildings, new housing, the regeneration of derelict sites.

We could inspire economic prosperity that is sustained long after the closing ceremony and which will pay for the games many, many times over

I wonder how many times that politicians have said that about the Games?

For sure there will be some people who do very well out of the large sums of government money and sponsorship deals that will be sloshing around.

However, as to whether the good people of London notice a dramatic change (aside from increased traffic congestion, building sites and rocketing property prices in East London) remains to be seen.

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