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Monday, September 17, 2007

Red Arrows Banned?

There is something of a furore brewing, yet another one, over the London 2012 Olympics. This particular row concerns the possible banning of the RAF display team "The Red Arrows".

It has been reported that the Red Arrows may be banned from performing at the opening ceremony, as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport believe that the team's military background "might offend other nations".

It is alleged that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport ruled last week that the Red Arrows is "unsuitable" and "not in keeping with the event as they were too militaristically British".

The Red Arrows spokesman Rachel Huxford said:

"We have had no discussions about the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics whatsoever.

We are still planning our 2008 season at this stage and that is a long way off. We understand that no decision has yet been made about the ceremony.

We performed when London won its Olympic bid in 2005 after we received a standard request from the Olympic organisers

That of course does not mean that they will perform at the opening ceremony.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport was unavailable for comment.


  1. Oh dear that's probably the most pathetic thing I've heard all week. Tell you what - let's ban all the flags as well (just UK flags of course - you wouldn't want to offend anyone else by banning theirs).

    Seriously, time to grow up!

  2. The story is complete rubbish!

    See what the Red Arrows have to say at

  3. The Red Arrows are quoted in the article, noting that they have yet to discuss the Olympics.

  4. Thankfully, the story isn't true. BOTH the Olympic Committe and the Red Arrows deny that the they've been banned. For more info, see this page on the Red Arrows Information Site, which discusses the matter in more detail.

  5. What's happened to this sad little country? I'm sick to death of hearing things like this.

  6. looks like Anon didn't bother reading any of the links that the other repsondants posted.
    Strikes me as typical of the right wing gutter press to come out with this type of garbage story.

  7. The Sun printed the article origionally, goodness knows where they got it from.

    Anyway, they did ban flags at the chinese olympics, the Welsh, Scottish and Irish flags were banned. You were only allowed the union jack (which doesn't include the Welsh flag)

    Wound't suprise me if they did try to ban the arrows, but they certainly wouldn't get away with it.