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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lack of Support For London Games

The BBC conducted a survey in April that showed that 60% of Londoners felt that the 2012 games would bring no real benefit to London.

Ex-Athens mayor Dora Bakoyannis has now pitched in, and said that Londoners need to "endorse" the games.

She is quoted on the BBC:

"You need the big support of the people in this city.

You need the big support of the people in this city

Ms Bakoyannis, who is now Greece's foreign minister, also said:

"They have to be proud of London, they have to be ambitious.

You can do nothing alone

Maybe so, but even though the residents of Athens ended up supporting the gamnes in 2004 they were still saddled with an enormous bill that will take decades to pay off, and derelict stadiums and venues that are of no use to man nor beast.

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