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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tess Jowell Puts Her Foot In It - Again!

The hapless and hopeless Tessa Jowell has put her put into again, by lecturing so called "junk food" sponsors of the Olympics 2012.

Jowell, who spoke at a local government conference, said that companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury and McDonald's "need to be made aware" of increasing concern about healthy eating and childhood obesity.

The Guardian quotes her:

"[They] need to be made aware of the increasing concern about child obesity and the increasing possibility of their leadership to address the eating habits and sedentary way of life by encouraging exercise."

That may well be true.

However, if Jowell and the government are so concerned about "junk food" and the companies that sell it why are they so keen to receive sponsorship from these companies for the London Olympics?

Could it be the £50M funding shortfall in the £12BN plus Games?

Given that companies such as MacDonalds and Cadbury are mainly purveyors of burgers and chocolate, what exactly does she expect them to do - sell salads only?

When you sup with "the devil" use a long spoon.

For good measure, Jowell then said:

"There is no more money and as I have said before we are on time and on budget." you are not!

Thee original budget was around £3BN, it now stands at £12BN (including running costs) how can she possibly claim that the Games are on budget?

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