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Monday, August 10, 2009

Food Fit For Athletes

In keeping with the government's promise that there will be a legacy, once the "hoopla" over the London 2012 Olympics has long since passed away, it can be confirmed that there will at least be "food" and "health" legacy that will doubtless imprint itself into the minds of all of those who attend that games.

It seems that McDonald's, the company that gave us Ronald MacDonald and the "Big Mac", may well become the only branded restaurant at Britain's Olympic venues.

Other food chains, including British and Indian outlets, have been told they will not be able to sell their products at the Olympic sites, without removing labels or changing packaging; restaurants/cafes already at sites such as the ExCel Centre have been told to "hop it" whilst the Games are on, to make room for the "anointed purveyor of fries and burgers".

It's a done deal, apparently.

Meanwhile Coca-Cola has secured exclusive rights to selling non-alcoholic drinks, including tea and coffee within the Olympic venues.

What is it doctors and health experts say about fizzy drinks loaded with sugar, and fat laden fries?

Can someone remind me?

By all means serve McDonald's, but do not exclude others from the Games.

What a legacy!

What a con by Labour and the Olympics organisers!

Olympic Medals won during the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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