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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Passport To London 2012

Evidently the Councillors in Pas-de-Calais have been watching that fine Ealing classic "Passport To Pimlico".

That can be the only conclusion to draw from their plans to jump on the Olympics 2012 bandwagon, and rebrand Pas-de-Calais as being part of Britain.

Dominique Dupilet, head of the Pas-de-Calais' county council, is quoted in the Telegraph:

"I consider that we are the south of England, and because we're the south of England it's normal that we would associate ourselves with this extraordinary event."

The region has already signed a contract with Chad's boxing, wrestling, judo and athletics teams to hold training camps in the region. The canoe and kayak teams of Uzbekistan and Senegal have also agreed to train in Pas-de-Calais ahead of the Games.

I assume that Pas-de-Calais will be paying their share of the costs of the games then?

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