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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Environmental Legacy

The Daily India ran this story back in February about the contamination of the London Olympics site, that seemingly is buried beneath a plastic sheet.

How true is this story, and how much of a hazard does this present given that there is meant to be a "legacy" after the games?

"The entire Olympics site in London has reportedly been built on top of a thin plastic sheet laid at a depth of less than three feet to separate the surface soil from potentially heavily contaminated ground below.

According to reports, it has been revealed that London 2012 chiefs have covered up land that is possibly contaminated with asbestos and radioactive materials with a huge and bright orange sheet.

Spanning more than 600 acres it is buried at a depth of 31inches to protect the health and safety of future builders and homeowners. It is designed as a warning marker layer to anyone digging the foundations of new homes and offices that they must follow special precautions if there is a need to excavate more deeply, the Express reports.

While "clean" soil and debris have been placed above the sheet, anything below it has to be considered hazardous unless proved otherwise

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