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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lazy and Selfish

Giles Barrie of Property Week believes that the Olympics bureaucrats are selfish and lazy wrt their plans for "Olympics only" traffic lanes during the 2012 games.

"An 'Olympic Route Network' is being set up throughout the Games to ferry these hangers on from their Mayfair hotels to the games at Stratford in the east.

This means lanes being closed throughout central London as 'VIPs' are whisked through, with Lower Thames Street the most important thoroughfare involved.

Only two of its four lanes will be open, and security restrictions will mean further misery for the people who work there.

There are 15,000 people working in blocks between the river and Lower Thames Street, many of whom couldn't give two hoots about the games.

The organisers' argument is that these officials need to be able to get to Stratford in 23 minutes, but that totally misses the point.

If they need to get from the West End to Stratford quickly, there is a perfectly quick and efficient way.

It's called the Jubilee Line

Well said sir!

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