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Monday, March 21, 2011

Picnics and Mobiles Banned

Organisers of the London 2012 Olympics, on the pretext of "security", are considering banning spectators from bringing mobile phones and picnics to Olympics events.

Flasks, thermoses and larger quantities of food will all be banned.

Liquids of more than 100ml, camera tripods, phones, flags of countries not involved in the Games along with umbrellas (no rain predicted then?) are also all banned.

"Security" may well be the fig leaf excuse used by organisers for this ban. However, the real reason lies with the money being generated by sponsors from their marketing campaigns and food/drink etc concessions at the Olympic venues.

The Olympics is not about sport, but about money!

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  1. I heard a rumour that Barclaycard's where to be banned as well.

  2. Yes the new "East London Crime Gang" has got the thing well and truly sown up; Ronnie and Reggie never managed to have the success this new gang has achieved.