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Friday, June 17, 2011

Greed - Locog Ban 2012

The Isle of Wight County Press reports that Locog had banned Julie Benson from using the year "2012" in the logo of her show, The Great Exhibition 2012 (designed to represent the best in the country in arts, culture, food and sport).

For why?

Locog claimed that 2012 "widely refers" to next year's Olympics, and if Ms Benson used the date it would interfere with its ability to raise funds from sponsors.

Ker Farking Ching!

Unsurprisingly Ms Benson was unimpressed with Locog's greed, given that she has been working on the exhibition plan for 12 years (long before Britain won the rights to host the games).

There is now some good news for Ms Benson, following a public outcry over Locog's greed they have backed down and have now allowed her to use "2012".

As I have stated many times, the Olympics is not about sport but about money.

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