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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tube Workers Bribed

The Olympic organisers, ever keen to present the world with the impression that London is capable of hosting the 2012 Olympics, has come up with a terrific wheeze to ensure that comrade Bob Crow and his lackeys don't spoil the party by refusing to run the Tube beyond its normal closing time of around midnight-1:00AM.

The solution?

Simple, bribe the staff!

Drivers will receive a payment of at least £500 for working during the event next year. Additionally, shifts that finish after 1.30AM will attract extra payments (totalling approximately £1800).

About 3,500 Tube drivers are covered by the agreement. LU plans to run Tubes about an hour later than normal during the Games, on all lines, with last trains leaving central London between 1.30AM and 2AM.

This is doubtless all very "jolly". However, the key issue that has been neatly swept under the carpet is this:

Why that fuck doesn't London (a major capital city) have a Tube system that runs 24/7?

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