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Monday, December 5, 2011

Olympics Budget Broken Again

Unsurprisingly the "budget" for the London 2012 Olympics has yet again proven to be unreliable.

Taxpayers are having to contribute a further £41M to the £40M "budget" allocated to opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

The Olympics Minister, Hugh Robertson, unconvincingly tried to use a Gordon Brown trick of describing it as an "investment".
Why do we have to pay more?

It seems that Locog (which was meant to pay for the ceremonies) can't run its operations within budget, and that "tedious" things such as security expenditure for the games have pushed it into the red.

For reasons best known to those who are regulating and "controlling" the forthcoming games, Locog is not subject to public scrutiny because it is a private company.

Surely someone should have ensured that the company that "organises" the games (whether it was private or public) was subject to public scrutiny, given that it is spending our money?

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