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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haringey's Olympic Hypocrisy

Haringey Council is gushing forth a veritable tsunami of enthusiasm and support for the forthcoming Olympics (pass the sickbag someone):
"Soon the Olympic Games will take place on our doorstep.

London will be alive with colour, drama and anticipation as visitors from around the world descend on the city to watch athletes from more than 200 countries compete for the greatest sporting prizes.
In Haringey we can all get involved in this once in a lifetime event by lining the streets during the Torch Relay which sees the Olympic Flame transported across the borough by inspirational torchbearers on July 25th - two days before the opening ceremony.

The council is working with Games organisers to make this a fantastic spectacle and a safe, family occasion to remember forever.

Also that day will be an early evening celebration at Alexandra Palace which is where the Olympic Flame will end its Haringey journey.

During the Games themselves, Haringey will also host many cultural and community events to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics.

But it’s not only about spectacle and sporting excellence: the Games will create a lasting legacy for London and the council will do all it can to share in that legacy and secure benefits for our community.

Some of these will be obvious such as the regeneration of the area around the stadium, which will bring jobs and homes for all. Others may be more subtle, such as attracting worldwide investment and trade, as London is showcased as an efficient and inspiring base for business to flourish.
But the greatest legacy will be if the Olympics fortifies the spirit of our community in these challenging times, providing a beacon of excellence through endeavour."
Haringey Council likes to portray itself as looking after the best interests and welfare of its residents; eg Haringey Council is set to become the first in the UK to limit the number of pizza, burger and kebab shops on its streets, in an attempt to improve the health of its poorest residents.

A draft scheme is in place for the restrictions which would see planning applications for venues considered alongside the need to keep the number of takeaways strictly limited. New outlets may also be banned from within 400 metres of schools, youth clubs and parks.

Aside from the fact that it is not the state's role to stop us eating what we want, I find their dislike of fast food to be at variance with their gushing enthusiasm for the Olympics.

For why?
The Olympics will be the biggest single catering event in the UK since the Second World War.” 
Who said this?

None other than Jon Woods, the general manager for Coca-Cola UK & Ireland, whose company plans to use the Olympics Park as a test bed for new products and methods.

Additionally, McDonald's (a fast food company) plans to build the world's largest McDonald's at the London Olympics Games site in Stratford. The two storey 3,000 sq metre leviathan will seat up to 1,500 people, and will be one of the four McDonald's restaurants built in and near the Olympics Park.

Given Haringey Council's antipathy towards fast food, will it be urging its residents who attend the Olympics to boycott the catering?

Olympic Medals won during the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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