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Sunday, July 4, 2004

Too Little, Too Late

It seems that the delays in the construction of the venues for the Olympics 2004, which are being held in Athens, are causing concern in the security community.

With construction still not completed, there has not been a chance to test security systems and back up plans; which are meant to deter, and contain, any possible terrorist attack.

The command centre, which co-ordinates information flow from the surveillance cameras dotted around Athens, will not be up and running until the middle of July. Hence, those operating it will not have had a decent period to train in using it.

Other sites have yet to have surveillance cameras installed, and have not been tested to see how they would handle events (both expected and unexpected).

To put this into context, although the cost of the security is $1.2BN (far higher than any Olympic Games held before) security systems in previous Olympics were up and running one year beforehand.

The phrase "accident waiting to happen" springs to mind.

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