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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

World's Largest and Longest Party

In order to keep peoples' spirits up, during the forthcoming Olympic Games in Athens, Mayor Dora Bakoyianni has decided to have a citywide party every night during the Games.

In a display of optimistic bravado, the Mayor has booked over 500 concerts and live performances together with other diversions such as; puppet shows, Dutch jazz players, acrobatics and cuisine from around the world.

The party will cost around $5M, now that's a party!

The party may help to boost visitor numbers; as noted earlier on this site, ticket sales are 5 million below target. The mayor has refused to comment on earlier estimates that 1.5 million people would come to Athens.

I suspect that the residents of Athens will be waking up with the world's largest hangover once all of this is over.

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