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Friday, November 26, 2004

IOC Coverup?

I wonder how the International Olympic Committee (IOC) can "look at itself in the mirror" in the morning.

They claim, on the one hand, to be for probity and integrity; yet, when it comes to the media scrutinising their activities, they run for cover.

The IOC executive board are expected to announce today that they plan to ask the same Singapore meeting that decides the 2012 venue to expel Ivan Slavkov, the Bulgarian member at the centre of a BBC Panorama corruption sting.

Slavkov was suspended from the IOC, after the Panorama programme made allegations of "cash-for-votes" deals in the bidding for the 2012 Games.

Panorama's methods have seemingly upset the IOC, who seem somewhat publicity shy; the thought of secret cameras and undercover reporters sends shivers down their spines.

What have they to hide I wonder?

It seems that, according to reports, the dear old "incorruptible" IOC are now wary of having contact with British officials; this of course means that the London bid has even less likelihood of winning.

The IOC are reportedly worried about the media in the UK which, in their view, is far too inquisitive.

I repeat, what have they to hide?

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