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Monday, November 1, 2004


Greek dope (sorry doping suspect) Kostadinos Kenteris, one half of the "dynamic duo" of sprinting who were disqualified from the Athens Olympics for missing a drugs test, says that he is looking forward to prosecution; so that he can clear his name.

Rather bizarrely Kenteris, in an interview, blamed the Greek Olympic Committee HOC and the International Olympic Committee for setting him up.

He went on to dig an even larger hole for himself by saying:

"Evidently, from what I understand... it starts with IOC President Jacques Rogge, who was looking for me to make sure I entered the Olympic village as early as 12:00 (that day)... and from below his court -- don't forget the HOC is holding elections in a few days....They executed me...".

Some people don't seem to know when to shut up and slink away.

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