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Monday, August 15, 2005

Ferret Olympic Name Change

In a display of bully boy tactics the US Olympic Committee, ever mindful of how much money it can wring out of the Games, has forced the Ferret Olympics to change its name after 9 years of successful competition.

Approximately 75 ferrets will compete for medals at the Ferret Agility Trials this year, in events including; the tube run and the paper bag escape.

The Ferret Olympics were started in 1996, and gained publicity in 2004 after a local newspaper story was picked up by the mass media.

Consequently the US Olympic Committee threatened the games with legal action. Needless to say, small organisations do not have the deep pockets of the US Olympic Committee and therefore have to back down in the face of such a threat.

As I have always maintained, the Olympics has nothing to do with sport; it is only about money.

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