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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Skills Shortage Threaten Olympics

LibDem MP Don Foster has come to the stunning conclusion, that very householder in Britain has known for many years, that there is a skills shortage of electricians, plumbers and builders.

Congratulations to Foster for getting his name in the papers for stating that "little known fact".

Why the significance?

Seemingly this shortage poses yet another threat to the 2012 London Olympics.


"Britain is facing a huge skills shortage that could undermine the success of the Olympics."

That, I suspect, is the least of the problems facing the 2012 Games.

Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said that "initiatives" were under way to provide local people with low skills levels with new work opportunities.

Well, she would say that wouldn't she?

The reality will be that the rates that these tradesmen charge will simply rise exponentially. as the date of the games draws ever nearer. Thus pushing the cost of the games above the current £12BN, and increasing the cost base of ordinary households as they pay through the nose for plumbers etc.

I guess that's what they mean when they talk about the "Olympics legacy"!

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