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Monday, November 19, 2007

Olympics Drains Cash From Wales

Lloyds TSB has sponsored the the National Eisteddfod (Cymanfa Ganu Welsh hymn-singing event) every year since 1979. However, as a result of financial commitments to sponsoring the London 2012 Olympics, it has announced that it is cancelling the sponsorship of the Welsh event.

Needless to say, there are those in Wales who are less than impressed that an event in London is draining Wales of much needed funds.

Past Eisteddfod archdruid Robyn Lewis, displaying a touch of nationalism, said:

"If the bank were to divert its money to another worthy cause, such as poverty in the Third World, I would understand the situation and might well sympathise to some extent.

But the London Olympic Games!

There appears to be little sympathy or support for these forthcoming games in parts of Wales.

Quite simply, our country will not be represented. To say that 'British' entries include Wales is to add insult to injury.

The bank's Eisteddfod sponsorship being withdrawn and diverted to so contentious an event outside Wales will, I believe, reflect very badly on the bank.

I have been a customer of Lloyds TSB for many years. Hitherto, the bank has given every satisfaction in its handling of my affairs.

Let me make myself quite clear. If Lloyds TSB persist, I shall have to consider my position as a customer from now on

It would seem that Mr Lewis is not a fan of a United Kingdom.

It is doubtful that Lloyds TSB will heed his call.

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