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Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's The Money Stupid

Congratulations to British Airways for spending £40M, in order to secure the rights to use the much derided "Lisa Simpson Gives Head" London Olympics logo.

Lisa Simpson Gives Head

Money well spent!

Other organisations, which have tried to enter into the spirit of things, but have not paid the requisite fee, have had a few problems.

Dennis Spurr owns the high street butchers "The Fantastic Sausage Factory" in Weymouth where the Olympic sailing events will be held.

He put up a poster over his shop, showing the Olympic rings shaped as sausages below the word "fantastic".

Needless to say the "enforcers" of the London Olympics were not best pleased, as they had not received their pound of flesh. They rang Mr Spurr and ordered him to take it down.

He duly complied, as he didn't want to be sued by the heavies that run the London Games.

However, hats off to one enterprise that has stuck two fingers up at the moneymaking machine that is the Olympics.

"Bar 2012", a bar in Weymouth, registered its name two years before London won the bid; and the London Olympics organisers can't touch them for that.

Good for them!

As I have stated on previous occasions, the Olympics is not about sport; it's about money.

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