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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hotel Rates Slashed

Hotel room rates in Beijing are being dramatically slashed ahead of the forthcoming Olympics, starting on 8 August, as room occupancy rates are falling.

The fall in occupancy rates is as a result of increased security and worries amongst prospective visitors about air pollution and terrorism.

Two to four star hotels have reportedly reduced prices by between 10%-20%, compared to May and June. Some have even cut rates by up to 30%.

The Beijing Tourism Authority reports that in June the number of visitors to Beijing, including overseas and domestic, was down by 19.9% compared with the previous year earlier.

The average room prices in some three-star hotels are down to 400 yuan ($60) per night from 700 yuan ($100) in previous months. Four star hotels have dropped to about 800 yuan ($117) a night, from 1,500 yuan ($220).

Beijing initially expected around 500,000 foreign guests for the Olympics. However, that estimate has now been reduced.

It seems that bargains, if some tough negotiations are conducted, can be had.

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