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Thursday, July 24, 2008

IOC VP Praises China's Preparations

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice President Chiharu Igaya, in a recent interview with Xinhua, stated:

"As the Beijing Olympics boasts many outstanding sports venues, I believe athletes around the world could achieve better scores in the better conditions.

Sports competition, sports culture and sports environment constitute the core of the modern Olympic, and excellent sports facilities will be an important part of a successful Olympics

Igaya was generous in his praise for Beijing's adoption of new designs and advanced technologies in Olympic facilities.

"In the systemic project of hosting the Olympics, Beijing's presentation of a series of fine architectures, including the 'Bird's Nest,' is especially praiseworthy.

China has overcome a series of challenges, including the recent Sichuan earthquake, during the past seven years since the bidding success, and we are grateful for China's significant efforts to prepare the games

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