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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cancel The Games

Given that the Olympics were cancelled during both world wars, why do the IOC and LOCOG not think outside of the box and cancel the 2012 Games?

Could it be pride and personal gain comes before common sense?

Olympic Medals won during the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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1 comment:

  1. That's all very true, especially with today's attacks on Westerners in Mumbai escalating the whole thing.

    But then again the Olympics were canceled at the time for good reason. In WWI, around 30 nations participated in active military combat. WWII's global military conflict involved a majority of the world's nations including all the great powers.

    Sure, we've all got economic problems, and a few sporadic militant outbreaks, but I don't think the world is up to 10 million people in wartime casualties. There aren't any Axis and Allied powers being formed at the moment. If anything, Obama is pulling US troops out of the war in Iraq.

    Besides, the Olympics is about sport. Its Kobe throwing a ball in an orange hoop. And a guy named Usain Bolt sprinting fast. If anything, it should bring people together.

    Just throwing it out there.