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Monday, November 10, 2008

Scots Want Their Money Back

The Scottish Government is asking for the return of £150M in lottery funds, which it alleges was diverted from good causes to finance the 2012 London Olympics.

Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell has sent a bid document to UK Sport Secretary Andy Burnham.

Maxwell cites the claim as being "a matter of natural justice".

The BBC quote him:

"We are pressing for the return of the money as a matter of natural justice because we believe it is fundamentally unfair that Scottish good causes should suffer to pay for London 2012.

From the smallest arts groups, through sports clubs, to health promotion centres and local day care facilities, we want to see communities embracing opportunities to make change for themselves and help to improve the quality of their lives and those of others

However, "natural justice" or not, it is unlikely that the claim will succeed. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, is resisting the claim.


"Scotland has received over £2BN in Lottery money since 1994, and around £150M in the last financial year alone. Since the lottery began, over £315M has been spent on grassroots sport in Scotland.

The Olympic Games will bring immense benefits to the UK: a legacy of world class facilities; the inspiration of a generation to get active and take up sport; as well as huge economic and business benefits with £6bn worth of contracts.

London 2012 will leave a lasting legacy for everyone in the UK, including Scotland, which will host Olympic football at Hampden Park.

In addition, 29 locations across Scotland are included in the official guide to pre-games training facilities for foreign teams in 2012

The Scots don't have a cat's chance in hell of succeeding with their money back claim!

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