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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Food Matters

Whilst the ODA may think that it has a great plan for ferrying athletes, IOC officials, the media and assorted Olympics hangers on to and from the 2012 London Olympics (via specially designated Olympics routes) it may have forgotten the needs of the ordinary people of London.

How, for instance, is fresh food going to be transported around the capital if some of the key routes are blocked for use by Olympics officials et al?

Natalie Chapman, of the Freight Transport Association (FTA), is quoted in the Telegraph:

"It will be a huge challenge.

Difficult is the understatement of the century. It will be pretty hellish, especially as we are expecting an upsurge in business and will have to make even more deliveries with less time available to us.

With non-perishable goods it would be sensible to stockpile. But with high-value goods and the problems of cash flow, that is not always easy. Restaurants may have to work rather longer hours to receive their food.

No doubt a plan will be put in place, but at what cost?

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