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Friday, August 20, 2004

Sex - Harder, Deeper, Longer

I thought that would attract your attention!

It seems that ATHOC, the organisers of the Athens Olympics, have a strong puritan streak running through their veins. They have taken exception to the Greek edition of Playboy, which devoted a section in this month's edition to Olympic sex traditions, and tried to ban it.

However, the Playboy edition which used such phrases as "harder, deeper, longer" along with pictures of naked models doing "athletic type things" is still in circulation; the court did not see that ATHOC's case had any merit.

ATHOC also took offence to the use of Olympic images, such as the five rings, which they feel Playboy debased. Seemingly five coloured condoms were arranged, in a pattern similar to the five rings.

I would remind ATHOC that, as mentioned earlier in this blog, the five rings myth originated with Hitler and the 1936 Games; there is therefore no harm in debunking them in the manner in which Playboy has done.

As with all half baked attempts at censorship, the story gave a huge amount of publicity to Playboy's Olympic edition; all copies were sold out as soon as they reached the newsagents this morning.

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