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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mayer In Psychiatric Hospital

The Austrian biathlon coach Walter Mayer, who was charged yesterday with criminal offences including civil disorder, property damage and assault in Austria, has now been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Peter Schroecksnadel, Austrian Ski Federation President, said:

"Walter Mayer is in the psychiatric hospital, unfortunately. He's in custody to protect himself because apparently he's said he wanted to commit suicide or something like that. I couldn't talk to him myself."

Mayer had managed to trigger a drugs raid on the Austrian team bases on Saturday night. It is reported that one athlete had thrown medical gear, including syringes, out of the window during the raid.

Magistrates in Turin have begun an investigation into Mayer.

However, Schroecksnadel claims that the police had found no banned substances:

"There were no drugs found which are doping. There were syringes and transfusion equipment and devices which can be used to measure haemoglobin levels but ... this is legitimate."

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