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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Immigrant Ban To Be Lifted

It seems that, in its blind infatuation with the Olympics, the government is thinking of lifting the ban on non-EU unskilled workers being allowed to work in the UK in order that the preparations for the London 2012 Olympics meet their deadline.

Head of the new Migration Advisory Council (MAC), Professor David Metcalf, has told a committee of peers that the situation of UK immigration may have to change if there are labour shortages brought on by the Olympics.


"One would certainly want to see whether or not it could be sensibly filled by British employers. The worry I think one has about this, is the inevitable tension between the short run and the long run. If you talk about the Olympics having to be on-stream by 2012 and therefore the facilities having to be built by 2011, a modern apprenticeship is three years."

Under the point-based system for migrants, which will be introduced soon, workers who are considered unskilled and come from outside of the EU will be banned from the UK for "the foreseeable future".

The Olympics juggernaut is crushing all in its path.

Is this entirely wise that it is allowed to run amok in this way?

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