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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Shooting Party

As noted in an earlier article last year, there is a row between London 2012 organisers and the governing body of British Shooting over the proposed shooting venue for the London Olympics 2012.

Philip Boakes, chairman of British Shooting, wants the venue in Woolwich changed and has written to every MP on the subject.

Mr Boakes quite rightly believes that it is a waste of £25M to build the ranges, only to demolish them at the end of the Games. He wants the venue moved to Dartford, and the money invested into a shooting range that will remain after the Games.

London 2012, for their part, are insisting that the venue must be as near as possible to the Olympic Park.

Mr Boakes is quoted in The Times:

"Our alternative at Dartford also allows the athletes to remain in the Olympic Village - under 45 minutes drive away - so that argument does not stand. Other sports have already had their venues moved so why not shooting?

We will have nothing left for shooting after the end of the Olympics and that is the reason we are so unhappy

The games are a waste of money PERIOD!

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