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Monday, August 18, 2008

Empty Seats

Before the Olympics began, Beijing Olympic organisers claimed that that all the 6.8 million tickets to Olympic events had been sold.

However, it seems that there are empty seats in the Bird's Nest and other venues.

Organisers are trying to "save face" by bussing in people from soccer fan clubs, high schools, and local neighborhoods to fill the empty seats. However, it is still not working, on 11th of August there were 20 competitions in the 18 stadiums attended by 40,000 spectators. Only two of stadiums were more than 90% full, six were more than 80% full and over half had at least 30% of seats empty.

One factor being blamed is the weather. However, the most likely cause is the fact that corporate sponsors and VIP's are allocated vast swathes of tickets that they never use.

The key to making future Olympics successful, wrt crowd attendance, is to give the games back to the people and allocate less tickets to faceless corporate sponsors who never turn up.

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