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Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Laughing Matter

The Daily Telegraph reports that some Brits are a little unhappy with the quality of the British handover ceremony during the Beijing closing ceremony.


"Britons proud of their athletes' achievements have vented their frustrations at being left 'the laughing stock of the world' by the show, which featured rocker Jimmy Page, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and footballer David Beckham."

They need to remember two things:

1 Beijing spent far more money on the games, than we allegedly are going to do

2 It is the British way to self deprecate

The 2012 games face enough challenges (eg lousy budgeting, lousy organisation etc) to live up to the Chinese games. Quite simply put, we will not outdo the Chinese on their terms.

The best way for us to try to make the best of a bad job is to put on a thoroughly British games, ie quirky and humorous.

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