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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Face of Hoof

The Face of HoofKatie Price (aka Jordan) is to become the face of Hoof, a campaign run by the British Equestrian Federation in the run up to the London Olympics 2012 to encourage the young to become horse riders for the London Olympics.

Ms Price has begun to compete in dressage events, learnt to play polo, and has written equestrian books aimed at children called Katie Price's Perfect Ponies.

Mary King, who won silver in Athens in 2004 and bronze in Beijing for Team eventing, said:

"She is dedicated to her riding. I understand that she even had her breasts reduced to help her with her riding. That shows real dedication. And she's good with children."

Ms Price has also launched her new equestrian clothing range, wearing a luminous pink polo shirt and pink velour hot pants, while her white horse was wearing a matching pink blanket.

As I have said earlier, the only way the Britain can "top" the Beijing games is to do them in a thoroughly British way.

The appointment of Ms Price to the promotion team, coupled with Boris Johnson leading the pack, adds a very British touch to the games.

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  1. The Face of Hoof is a fantastic idea, i would love to hear more about this and how to get involved, i run regular equestrian events in the inner city area of Leeds for grass root equestrian enthusiasts.Looking forward to hearing more.