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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

London Stadium To Be Flattened?

Reports that the London Olympic stadium will be demolished after the 2012 Games, and replaced by a Premier League football ground, have been "denied" by the London Development Agency (LDA).

They would of course deny those reports, as demolition would blow an enormous hole in their claim that there will be a "legacy" of the games. It has already been mooted on this site in November that the stadium will be used by a football club.

Boris Johnson's office has stated that he was "not aware of any plans to demolish the stadium."

That of course does not mean that there are not plans to demolish the stadium.

The LDA's "denial" states that "no stone had been left unturned" in exploring all the options for the venue, and the drawing up of a range of possible scenarios was part and parcel of the legacy planning process.

The astute amongst you will realise that this is not a 100% denial, merely a sop to the press to try to convince us that they are trying not to demolish it.

At the end of the day, money talks louder than words; if the football clubs come up with enough money, the LDA will demolish the stadium.

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