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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big Brother

Big Brother
The 2012 London Olympics has given the state a rather nice excuse to beef up its surveillance of the general population, by linking up 500,000 CCTV cameras across the capital.

The Metropolitan Police (Met) force wants to pool its 10,000 cameras with traffic and congestion cameras across London.

The network will be operated from a command centre, in London, by military, police and intelligence services.

Assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, Olympic Security Co-ordinator, said:

"Efforts focus on the capabilities we currently have and how these can be used efficiently to make London safer both now and during Games time.

A good example of this is how the current capabilities of various CCTV networks might be harnessed and integrated in London within the current legislative framework, to deliver greater effect in mitigating specific threats as part of the Olympic security effort

The interesting thing is that even after the Olympics have ended, the command centre would remain in place.


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