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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The "Green" Games

Gordon Brown's credibility as a "green PM", not for the first time, is being undermined by the IOC.

Indeed the credibility of London's "Green" 2012 Olympics, which in theory was to be "car free", is being undermined by the IOC.

The pampered and well paid members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are not inclined to mix with the masses when they attend the London Games.

Heaven forfend that they use our shambolic public transport system!

As such they have demanded that there be over 3,000 chauffeur-driven cars placed at the disposal of dignitaries, officials and corporate sponsors.

The IOC fleet will have access to a network of dedicated lanes, which will be closed to other traffic for up to two months. Up to 3,000 sets of traffic lights will also be adjusted to ensure that the IOC's fleet has fast access to all venues.

What a sham these Games and the people in charge of them are!

Seemingly the IOC "great and the good" includes; 110 IOC members, 400 presidents and secretary-generals from the Olympic committees of the 200 competing nations and 450 senior executives from corporate sponsors. The 10,500 athletes will travel on a dedicated fleet of coaches.

The ordinary man in the street is forbidden from using his own car, because the Games venues will have only a small number of disabled parking spaces.

The actual contract for the IOC fleet is a secret, and those officials allowed to read it must first sign a contract agreeing not to reveal what they have read.

What a farce!

They are taking the piss!

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