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Friday, March 7, 2008

Bob The Biometric Builder

Bob The Biometric Builder
Following on from news that 500,000 CCTV cameras will be used to monitor the daily routines of Londoners during the 2012 Olympics, it is reported that Biometric screening (featuring palm and facial recognition) will be used to guard building sites for the London Olympics.

Building workers will have to pass through a two-tier biometric access system, palm and facial recognition, in order to gain access to sites for the 2012 Olympics.

It is estimated that during the project around 100,000 builders will be "processed" (such an Orwellian word).

The biometric screening system is as Britain's largest and most expensive security operation. The Times reports that a version of it may be used to control access by ticket holders to the Olympic stadiums during the Games.

The question is, what will the government do with all the data that it collects?

The recent debacles over loss of NHS and HMRC data hardly instills confidence in the government's ability to securely safeguard personal data.

It should also be noted that the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has not ruled out the sharing of information with other government agencies, such as the Home Office.

Will they destroy the data after the Games?

These questions need to be asked.

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