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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shooting Themeselves in The Foot

Locog, the organisers of the London 2012 Olympics, have a propensity to waste taxpayers' money on their plans for self aggrandisement.

A particularly good example of their waste is the £26M that they intend to spend on the Olympics shooting range at Woolwich.

British Shooting want the range to be sited at Dartford. This is a 178-acre site which, post-2012, would leave shooting with an up to date facility; ie it would leave a legacy.

Locog are trying to concentrate the Games in one very small area of London, and have opted for Woolwich at a cost of £26M.

The chairman of British Shooting, Phil Boakes, said:

"An enormous amount of money is going to be squandered by Locog. The £26 million it is going to cost is made up of £18.6 million to build the facilities and £4million to demolish after the Games (plus VAT) and there will be virtually no legacy for the sport."

In other words, Locog are spending £26M for a three week event.

Money down the toilet.

Why should Locog care, it's only taxpayers' money!

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