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Monday, July 9, 2012

Heathrow The National Disgrace of Olympic Proportions

This time last week I wrote the following about our national disgrace of an airport that is Heathrow:
"It seems that Heathrow is in meltdown yet again and, despite the media firestorm over April's clusterfuck, ministers and those in charge of passport checks etc have not yet learned their lesson."
One week on and things at Heathrow are still no better, as Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, can attest to. He paid Heathrow Terminal 4 a visit today and was less than impressed with the ongoing clusterfuck.

The Telegraph reports that Vaz said people were left “stacked” in corridors at 7am:
"I was appalled by the length of queues in the immigration hall this morning
It is now two months since the Immigration Minister promised additional resources and better management. 

The worst aspect was that half of the immigration desks were simply not opened even though the Border Force had prior knowledge of all flight arrivals. 

This creates additional security pressures with luggage piling up in the baggage hall.

We had people waiting in the corridors at the busiest international airport in the world.
To add to the humiliation, BAA claim that the Border Force yet again failed to meet its 45 minute maximum waiting time target for passengers from the European Economic Area (the EU plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway).

It is quite clear that Heathrow will not be able to cope during the Olympics, therefore those who can change their travel plans are strongly advised to avoid London airport at all costs during the games!

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